At 9:55am on June 16th, Crystal Washington asks another of her insightful and probing questions.  As a brilliant social media expert, it is not rare for Crystal to ask questions to make you stop in your tracks and say “hmm?”

How Do You Answer This Question?

Crystal begins: “Where do you belong? Where do you feel out of place? Some of us are blessed with the ability to feel at home wherever we are. I’m not one of those people. College was a game changer for me.”

She talked about her childhood economic class and admitted to not feeling like she fit in among those without money or the ones who were more economically privileged.  Her degree in hospitality took her to some fine hotels in New York and Chicago.  Her exposure to those luxurious places caused her to feel awe and made her ask what it would be like to be a guest in such swanky surroundings.

Now, as a sought after public speaker, she spends many nights in such luxury “without giving it a second thought.”  She challenges her followers to probe the question about what changed.  She says, “One thing I’ve learned over the years is that what you expect, becomes your normal.”

This is what she asked her followers to recognize: “Creating a new normal doesn’t happen overnight. Start with something small. Walk into that store confidently with exquisite chocolates you don’t have the budget for in this moment. Correct friends who refer to you, in jest, using a derogatory statement. Dress really cute and take your dream car for a test drive. Do something to stretch your belief in what you deserve.”

Responses to Crystal’s Post

(I want my readers to know I did ask Crystal Washington’s permission to write this post.  However, I did Headshot of Crystal Washingtonnot ask permission of her followers.  While I am sure it would not violate any law to mention the actual people who responded, I am not really comfortable sharing people’s names.  So, I will use the words they shared without names – only initials.  Any comments by Crystal are identified by the letters CW.)

  • KZ: Love love love this. I experience some of the same. What changed my view was traveling with an amazing band as their lead female vocalist. Leaving the Field (hometown) gave me the confidence to stretch my beliefs knowing my #DeserveLevel is greater. And still I rise. This is definitely BIGGER than me
  •  FR: Love your message!!!!! I’m going to screen shot this and let my girls read this!!!!! Thank you. #YouInspireMe
  • SJ: Many times what you share is great information, helpful; sometimes it’s Spiritual food.  CW: It’s pretty cathartic for me to share my lessons. In reinforces them in my own mind too. SJ: And that’s why the words are so powerful. Thank you.
  • GG: Sensei, that’s what I love about you, great stories and the depth of how you explain your rise. I grew up in Houston and we were po (not quite middle, but not poverty). I grew up thinking Best Western was fancy and Holiday Inn was luxury. Now my kids ask for amenities and wonder why we don’t have a suite. I am used to certain things and I tell my kids they can do better, they should do better. I try to share with them how far we came from (educationally, spiritually, knowledge, and wealth wise.) I let my son take my first class seat on the plane yesterday, just so he could see and expect something different. Not that wealth is the end all be all, but it sho’ is nice to ride in the front. Thank God I got an exit row, cause again..I am accustomed to certain comforts now.
  • SL: Ok Crystal I m having kinda of a weird moment. I just drove back home with my husband and told him I m going to have an aesthetic adventure. I’m going back to when I was in my twenties grateful to walk into some of the finest stores and walked out with a pair of fashion earrings” code word for no genuine stones or metals lol! As I have gotten older and a pile high of responsibilities I find myself dreaming less of what’s possible tomorrow. The fact that I cannot afford a Saks Fifth Ave. designer dress of my dreams shouldn’t stop me of what’s possible down the road. It is time for a new normal !
  • MM: I had a similar feeling when I didn’t go to college right after high school. Then when I went and graduated I felt differently about myself and those who didn’t go. I was so scared the first time I set foot in the local community college I turned around before getting a course book. I had to come back the next week!  CW: I’m glad you didn’t let fear stop you!
  • NW: Really great message!! I kind of experienced this when I toured a half million dollar home a few weeks ago. It felt foreign and, admittedly, I geeked out. Then I thought to myself…”This doesn’t have to feel foreign!” So that home comes to mind now and then when I’m doing business planning and implementing.
  • NH: As the daughter of a grain and beef farmer, I sure felt the same way in the fashion industry for awhile!
  • CPR:  Perception of self is truly everything.

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