Do YOU Have Desirable Difficulties?

Do you wish you had grown up in a happy, stable, affluent home?  Even if your childhood home offered many of these qualities, I fully believe you had your own set of difficulties.  I personally see NO PROBLEM with difficulty and have learned to embrace them as the experiences making my life unique and exciting.  Don’t hate me.

One of my daily readings comes to my email box from Brian Johnson.  While I almost always delete some of my emails because I simply don’t have time to read them, I rarely will skip Brian’s Optimize message.  Today’s email is chock-full of validating stories of people benefiting from their difficulties.  The subject line and title is “How to Turn Weakness into Strength.”

He offers a couple of things beyond his Philosopher’s Notes including a link to the Malcolm Gladwell book, “David and Goliath, Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants.”

He also includes a three and half minute meditation on Desirable Difficulties.

Why I Keep Sharing Other People’s Articles

You may ask why I want to share this article and the work of this thought leader.  The answer is I am selfish enough to want to spread my concepts of imperfection being a good thing.  The more times I find the words of people I admire extolling the virtues of difficulty and our human flaws, the more I feel supported.

The entire purpose of this blog site is to make anyone who reads it feel acknowledged, understood and actually happy about the parts of their life less than perfect.  I continue to invite others to chime in with their own stories.  If you make a comment, I want to publish it.  Better yet, I want you to share a bigger portion of yourself with the world.

One thing I  have learned in my 60+ years, every single one of us is flawed – if we choose to perceive things happening to us as flaws.  We make mistakes.  Our bodies fail to function in a way to make us proud.  Our mouths get in the way of relationships we desire.

What I Want for YOU…

For you, I want you to embrace the generous blessing of your faults.  In my case, my body was affected by illness all throughout my childhood.  While I could confess a multitude of other imperfections, this one human condition has affected my entire life.  I could have let it be an excuse for never amounting to anything.  I could have let other people’s judgments scare me from going all out to pursue bigger goals than others.  I could have become a perceived victim of life.  Oh, how grateful I am to proclaim I chose to develop a Passion for Imperfection instead.

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