One of My Personal Poems

Long before I started writing as a full-time professional, I sorted out my emotions by writing.  Much of it manifested in a particularly unique poetry style.  You won’t find this style in any formal education formats.  Many people who have read my poems don’t “get” them.  It’s OK.  I have dozens of them, but have not written any in years.

Lost Poetry

Most of the ones I have written are lost.  With multiple computer replacements documents simply disappear.  The one I will post here today is one of those.  I came across it in printed form while doing some cleaning.  I love it as a reflection of my own feelings.  It was probably written when I was frustrated with the experience of being single and sad because finding someone to share my life seemed impossible.  While I still have not found my life partner, I don’t fret about it anymore.

Anyway, I thought I would share it today on this personal blog.  If anyone comments about it, I may feel encouraged enough to share more of this type of self-expression publicly.  Let me know what you think.

What are You About?

The length of my life has caused me to ask questions about who I am.

What makes me unique in the image of the Divine from which I was created?

Each passing year gives me clues, minute observations begin to answer the unanswerable.

I am only that which connects me to Source and the Source energy of those around me.

All else simply does not matter – because it is fleeting and meaningless.

What does matter is the part of me embracing a part of you and is common to both of us.

Our connection brings hope, validation, trust and true significance.

Any lack of connection is not about me and therefore I can easily dismiss it.

I reach out to you now and pray you reciprocate.

It is the hope of reciprocal importance causing me to offer myself in communication.

I offer myself with all my flaws and accept your imperfections in the process.

We are all scarred with something…be it physical injury, dis-ease or unwanted pounds.

You may struggle with your mental health, your financial health or your self-acceptance.

Still, I accept you exactly the way you are – imperfect as that might be.

You are on the path of discovering your own connection with the Divine.  I applaud the journey.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  If you are caustic, I may choose to let you go.

I may find a connection with you does not serve me and I have sense enough to release you.

I bless you on your way and hope you find connections elsewhere.

All of us are perfect just the way we are.  But not all are perfect connection for me.

I am proud to have developed the self-awareness to make the distinction.

So will you return the invitation to connect with me?

Will you find reason for recognizing a blessing within our communication?

Do you have something to offer my life to enrich my existence?

Can I offer something wildly beautiful to your life experience?

Does the adventure of life include something we might share?

Time and circumstance will reveal the possibilities between us.

Even if we want to reach out to one another, difficulties will show up.

Relationships are always fraught with compromise and adjustments,

Whether the relationship is with family, friends or some special loving partnership.

But doesn’t it nourish you to see the world in the reflection of another person’s perception?

I encourage you to observe the rich bounty of knowing me.

I stand here vulnerable and open to your response.

I know, with unwavering confidence, if we are to share our creative hearts.

The part of us finding connection with each other and our Source will prevail.

Life will be better from knowing you.

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