photo of direct path down bridgeA Problem with Infinite Possibilities

We truly have no limits on what can be accomplished by us.  Sure, we may have areas of talent and other areas of struggle.  However, all of them can be overcome if the goal is important to us.

Finding Our Path

No matter our age we have decisions to make about what’s next.  Having mentors and teachers helps.

  • Children must have guidance
  • Adults benefit from choosing guidance

Too many adults feel it is a weakness to seek the opinion of those outside of their every day world.  Countless people go to work every day and do what they are expected to do…they come home to the same boring routine.  It often leaves them feeling unfulfilled and stuck.  Their hopes and dreams did not come true, but they settle into what feels normal and become mediocre.

This type of life is not what I want for you.  Whatever your age, seek out a mentor, teacher or coach.  If you don’t know how or who – reach out to me and I will help you find the person who will change your life into an exciting adventure you deserve.

Accepting Help From Others

In my life experience it seems most of the people I know are “givers.”  Those givers are more comfortable offering help than receiving it.  AND – as a giver myself, I’ve known a few “users” too.  The people who are users know how to recognize a giver when they see one.  It is really easy for them to take advantage of someone who is naturally generous.  Lose the users and begin your personal growth.

Instead of giving yourself to users, seek out people who want to give to you – the giver.  Does that make sense to you?  When two people get in a reciprocal giving relationship it is possible to have a balanced, sometimes blissful experience.

Before you can take advantage of a teacher or mentor you must recognize an area of need and prepare yourself to receive.  These people will help you define your parameters on the path to where you want to arrive.  Accept their wisdom whether you are stuck and need coaching; suffering and need relief; excited about the future and need some guidance – or want help in telling your story with a book.  We are available to all givers.  Reach out and get what you need.