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Connections with other people are a result of stories.  When we learn another person’s story, it shifts something in our being.  We become more open to them and this openness leads to connection.

In the absence of someone sharing their story – you still have a story.  It is the one you make up in your own mind based on the way they look, the friendliness shown to you and other tiny clues into the “story” of this new person in your life.  Sometimes this story can be a source of disconnection because it is based on your assumptions.   But when someone shares a heart-felt-truth about themselves, it is hard to put up any barrier to connecting with them.

Story-Telling Magic

The true magic of story-telling is the fact EVERYONE has a story.  They aren’t reserved for the rich or poor.  People too shy to ever tell you their story still have them.  In fact, the shyness may actually come from a story they are embarrassed to tell.

Stories are the ultimate equalizer and they are fundamental to our communication.  We think in narratives all day long.  As we buy groceries, see someone on the street or briefly bump into an old friend – we are making up stories.

This is a Safe Place to Share YOUR Story

The whole idea of developing this website community is to encourage all visitors to contribute.  There are many ways to become an important part of this community.

  • You can tell your story in a guest post
  • You can tell your story for a podcast
  • You can contribute a brief comment on other posts
  • Or – better yet – you can publish your own book…please ask me how

Join us!  We are all about making you feel safe and welcome.