black white photo of man holding a child in his lapRelationships

The relationships we form over the years shape our lives.  Some of us were lucky enough to have had wonderful childhoods, happy marriages and children who adore us.

Most of us fall short of this utopian existence.  Even when we are blessed with incredibly great lives, there is imperfection found on some days and in some situations.

Perfectly Imperfect Relationships

Our movies feed us fairy tales about finding the perfect person who completes us.  The vision is of walking into the sunset hand-in-hand to a life of bliss together.

Yet relationships are often conflicted.  They can even become painful at times.  We each come into our adult relationships with wounds the other person simply cannot heal.

Too often, the wounds happened early in life.  It shows up as a pervasive sense of not being loved…or even we are not intrinsically lovable.  Although we hunger for love, we may have difficulty opening up to the other person enough to allow love to circulate freely in our lives.

Past, Present and Future

In this space, we are going to talk about the role of relationships in our imperfection.  Together we will explore the opportunity to heal ourselves to embrace love in a way we may have never experienced before.

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