photo of old fashioned light houseFinding the “Perfect” Imperfect Relationship

What do you use as a guide post for finding your future relationships?

Do you still think someone will show up in your life to “complete” you and you will spend each day in total perfect love?

Love is Full of Imperfections

If you have had a few bad relationships, you may have shut down, given up or don’t believe anyone is out there to bring you happiness in a new relationship.  A place deep in your heart may yearn for someone to be in relationship with you.  But while one part of your heart is saying “Yes”, the other part moans “No, I don’t want to be hurt again.”

Finding Your Way…

The first step to a future relationship is coming to terms with those two voices.  You can begin living a life congruent with your deepest desire.

Can you totally identify what you really, really desire?  If you can, allow yourself to bring the desire into true manifestation.  Recognize the new relationship will come complete with things you do not like too.  See your future relationships with all the flaws included and know, deep in your heart, you can be accepted exactly as you are – right now.

Different Kinds of Relationships

Remember relationships are much more than finding a life partner.  You have relationships with your friends, your family and those you encounter in business.  Those relationships are flawed as well – and – when we embrace the imperfection of both the relationship and the person we are sharing a relationship with, our lives can become filled with joy.

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