Photo of damaged dock at sunset

Are You Damaged Goods?

Many suffer from the hurt of the past.  They simply can’t get past the pain, so therefore they bring the pain into every single relationship of their lives.

The same principle of imperfection can be applied to damaged feelings.  You have two choices.  You can:

  1. Hold on to the pain of the past.  Blame the person or situation that damaged your heart.  Keep this damage alive every day by holding it close to you in remembrance.
  2. Honor the lessons you have learned from this situation.  Perhaps it was horrible and seems totally unforgivable.  However, if you don’t forgive and honor the damaged experience, the past will always color the present and the future.

Embrace Healing and Turn it into Something Wonderful

We will share stories of people who have been severely damaged by past relationships.  We only invite those who took the past damaging experience and used it to launch something rare and beautiful in their lives.  There are countless stories out there.

If you have not yet been able to find yourself free from hurtful past relationships, we invite you to find hope in the stories you read in this category of this community.

You can search for articles about past relationships by using the search tool or opening the options under the category “Relationships” and browsing all the articles about past, present and future relationships.

Just like in the other sections of this site, we invite you to become a part of the conversation.  Submit your stories here.
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