Our self-perception depicted by a Blue swirling universe with outline of a man

We Are All  Flawed

Our imperfections are what makes us truly human.

When we were children we believed “other people” were perfect.  Those other people were our parents, teachers, pastors and other adults who were instructors and guides in our daily lives.  It was important to see them as perfect so we could feel safe with them.

Growing Up

We spend our teenage years trying to fit in with others…thinking the football star, the talented singer, the athletic cheerleader was perfect.  If we did not fit into any of those lofty categories, we began to accept the reality we were “less than” others.

Even the teens who were perceived as perfect by their peers struggled with the flaws inherent to being human.  In fact, they sometimes struggled more because people expected more of them and they were keenly aware of the areas where they fell short.

Imperfect Maturity

Many adults never outgrow the pain of not fitting in while a teen.

As adults, we actually have the choice to keep beating ourselves up for things making us less than perfect – OR – choose to celebrate our areas of not fitting in with others.  It’s quite possible to realize it is in these misfitted places of our life we stand out as unique.

The aspects of self that are unique are exactly the aspects of self making us valuable to the world.  When we mature into our imperfection, we can acknowledge the gift and bring it to the world in full force.  Our misfitted places enable us to make a huge difference to our fellow humans and the world at large.