Who “We” Are

Sultry graphic depicting Marilyn Monroe



“Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius and it’s Better to be Absolutely Ridiculous than Absolutely Boring”

~ Marilyn Monroe ~


This web community is all about embracing the aspects of ourselves others would label as “imperfect.”  Most would tell the story about “overcoming obstacles”, “battling the disease” or “persevering in the face of failure”.

HERE – We do it differently!

In every story where the “victim” overcome the challenges, there is a deeper story.  When people talk about the obstacles experienced, they will often talk about the fact they are GRATEFUL for the circumstance.  Within every personal challenge there is an abundant gift, a limitless opportunity and a gateway to making a true difference in the world.

If we look at our seemingly crippling imperfections as a gift, we can quickly get to work finding what is in store for us.  Too many of us have already spent years, even decades, trying to overcome our weaknesses.  We often hide those portions of ourselves out of step with the norm.  We hang on to those middle school bullying remarks as if they define who we are.

Embrace Your Obstacles

In the community of Passion for Imperfection you will be invited to share your challenges along with the perspective of embracing the good from it.  Whether you were born with an “imperfection” or experienced a huge shift in your life due to illness or accident, you have a story to tell.

This website (and its community) is not only safe for you to be exactly how you show up in the world, we join in celebrating your differences.

You can get on board in a number of ways:

  • Subscribe to our blog post updates (We will develop options for frequency of blog post delivery and keep you informed.)
  • Request to author a guest post (We are developing rules and standards now…but don’t wait if you have something to share.)
  • Ask to be interviewed by phone and your message turned into a podcast posted on this site and shared in social media

Why this Site is Here:

Too many people feel isolated by their so-called imperfections.  Marilyn Monroe felt out of step with the world.  So did Janis Joplin.  In a LinkedIn post from Shane Snow, he talked about the inspiration he gets from “flawed people and underdogs.”

The list of flawed people is long and includes Steve Jobs, Ernest Hemingway, Emily Blunt, Virginia Woolf and Prince.  It also includes me.

Hi, my name is Kate Frank and I am the founder of this community.  You will read about a little of my personal history here.  For my entire life I have been a champion of what I like to call “misfits.”  However, society does not embrace the term misfit.  I have tried the idea out on dozens of people and they repel the idea of calling my favorite people misfits.

To me, the term misfit simply represents the glorious truth that some people simply do NOT fit in.  Those people who cannot or will not be crammed into a box – provided by society, a corporation, an unforeseen incident or a even a religion – are the ones who I personally hold up as brave, innovative and uniquely equipped to make a difference in this world.

I applaud you if you fit into the category of a misfit.  You are my heroes.